Ezra’s Round Table / Systems Seminar at Cornell: Andreas A. Malikopoulos (Delaware)

Professor Andreas Malikopoulos will deliver a talk entitled “Decentralized Optimal Control for Energy-Efficient Mobility Systems” at Ezra’s Round Table Systems Seminar at Cornell University on Friday, February 22nd.

While several studies have shown the benefits of connected and automated vehicles to alleviate traffic congestion and reduce fuel consumption in specific transportation scenarios, one key question that remains unanswered is “how much can we improve fuel consumption, if we assume that the vehicles are connected and can exchange information with each other and with infrastructure?”

In the seminar at Cornell on Friday, Feb. 22nd, Professor Malikopoulos will present a decentralized optimal control framework whose closed-form solution exists under certain conditions, and which, based on Hamiltonian analysis, yields for each vehicle the optimal acceleration/deceleration at any time in the sense of minimizing fuel consumption. The solution allows the vehicles to cross the intersections and merging roadways without the use of traffic lights, without creating congestion, and under the hard safety constraint of collision avoidance.

Interview of Professor Andreas Malikopoulos with Professor Oliver Gao, Director of the Systems Engineering Program at Cornell University.

See details of this event at: http://events.cornell.edu/event/ezras_round_table_systems_seminar_andreas_a_malikopoulos_delaware_-_decentralized_optimal_control_for_energy-efficient_mobility_systems